Tips for Protecting Your Nude Selfies

It is vital to remember that sexting is one of the most popular ways to connect with other people, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The social distancing created a gap in which people wanted to stay close to each other in friendly, romantic, and sexual ways.

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As a result, the number of nudes people make increased significantly, so you should find ways to protect them and prevent potential issues. Since the celebrity iCloud nudes leaked a few years ago, the general fear of storing and protecting your nude selfies has increased to a point where people want to find the best and safest ways possible.

You can rest assured because specific steps can help you store nude photos safely and keep them protected without thinking that someone will breach your phone or PC to find them and leak them online.

iPhone and Mac

Suppose you use Apple products. In that case, you probably understand that we are talking about one of the most secure options available on the market. Apple created a perfect job for securing your device. Therefore, only high-profile hackers can enter iPhones.

However, someone can breach your device. The main idea is to take specific steps to help you ensure your photo library’s overall safety. The first thing you should do is install the latest updates because they come with patches and fixes that will reduce security vulnerabilities. Another step is to use specific and unique passwords for each account.

Hackers will enter your account in most cases due to the low-security password you implemented. Therefore, you should think about each step along the way before storing nudes in your gallery.

For instance, you can use password managers to create unique passwords while implementing two-factor authentication, especially on the iCloud drive. By implementing an additional layer of security, you will ensure that no one can enter your account or device.

We recommend you avoid keeping your nudes and sensitive files on the cloud and instead leave in on your phone. You can find a wide array of photo storage apps you can download, but you should determine what they do with your data and information.

It would be best if you also usedend-to-end encryption apps, meaning only the recipient and sender can read and decrypt the content. When you decide to leave your nudes on Mac, you can encrypt folders with a unique password. Therefore, when someone enters your laptop, you can protect a specific folder and implement an additional layer of security.

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PC and Android

Tips for Protecting Your Nude Selfies

The first thing you should do is encrypt your device using strong biometrics and a passcode to handle the entire process. We recommend you lock it up when you do not use your tablet or phone. Instead, use the sleep mode and screen lock. That way, no one can try to unlock your phone.

You can also install apps to help you recover your device and wipe it if you connect it to the internet. The main goal is to use cryptographic products that meet specific security criteria. For instance, when using an open-source product, anyone can check out the code and implement it.

When using a PC, you can find a wide array of encrypting options for Windows 10. You will get file encryption on your desktop, meaning you must click on the file and properties and choose the advanced attributes that will encrypt specific content.

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You can find free options, including zipping the content or entire folder, meaning no one can see it unless it has a specific password you generated beforehand. When using an Android device, you can find photo vault apps that will allow you to hide sensitive files and implement additional encryption.

It is vital to remove EXIF data from your images, which is a tag that describes where you were, when you take the photo and which camera you used. That way, social media know our location when we upload anything. Besides, it would be best if you created a strong password to ensure overall protection along the way.

It is an effective way of protecting your nudes from a breach, which is vital to remember.