Production process of hammer head and liner plate of crusher

The hammer head and liner of hammer crusher are the main crushing parts of the crusher, and whether the production process is reasonable or not seriously affects the working efficiency and production capacity of the crusher, so it is necessary to choose a suitable production process. What kind of process is more suitable?

Most of the materials of hammer head and liner are made of high chromium wear-resistant cast iron, which has good fluidity, large shrinkage and large cracking tendency, so it can prolong the service life of hammer head and liner.

Casting process of hammer head and liner plate

Through the comparison of the burning loss of various elements in the melting process of cupola and intermediate frequency furnace, it can be seen that since the burning loss of chromium in cupola is too large, and it is more difficult to control other elements in the melting process, so the intermediate frequency furnace is used to melt the iron, the melting temperature is about 1450℃, and the pouring temperature is 1320~1360℃. The pouring temperature is too high will make the casting grain coarse, which is not good for the performance; pouring temperature is too low, the casting surface will start cold compartment, wrinkle skin, etc.. In addition, the hammer head and liner in the casting process to focus on the riser system, so that the molten iron smoothly filled with castings and have a good shrinkage.

Heat treatment of hammer head Crusher Liners and liner plate

Heat treatment is an important process to make high chromium cast iron castings to obtain excellent wear resistance, so the castings must be annealed and quenched after cleaning. Annealing can eliminate the internal stress produced in the casting process and increase the plasticity and toughness of the casting matrix; quenching can make the high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron obtain martensite organization, so that the hammer head and liner plate can obtain high anti-wear capacity. In the process of heat treatment, heating up to keep the temperature in the heating furnace uniform and slow heating up to prevent the parts from cracking during the heating up process.

Dingsheng crusher liner plate

In conclusion, the production process of hammer head and liner plate should strictly follow the requirements in order to ensure the quality of hammer head and liner plate of hammer crusher.