Creating a 401(k) portfolio

When you build your 401(k) portfolio, you need to consider the following factors:

Your financial goal: Your portfolio must reflect your financial goals exactly. For instance, if you want better returns, it should have more investments in stock funds.

Diversifying your portfolio:If you have a diverse portfolio, you’re more likely to minimize risks and increase your returns over the long-term.

Risk assessment:Take risks moderately and manage them in a way that helps your portfolio grow instead of stressing you out.

Your time frame:If you have a lot of time until retirement, then you’ll have more freedom to take risks and generate returns.

Final Words by Schantz

It is very important to you do your research thoroughly before selecting your 401k plan. William Schantz believes that learning about your options will save you from higher-risk investments and will help you choose the right plan according to your needs.