Choosing The Crypto Platform You Prefer Now

Choosing The Crypto Platform You Prefer Now

It can also be very expensive to use the bank’s own platform, as their fees are typically higher than the other market providers. They typically have both a trading fee (brokerage) and a custody fee. You can look up their prices on the website (although the fee for having securities in a depository is often hard to find).


  • Easy
  • Manageable
  • They give up for tax


  • Simple platform
  • More expensive

The dedicated trading platforms

These banks specialize in helping people invest, and they do not have as much interest in managing Mrs Hansen’s salary account and rent payment (as the regular banks have). The advantage of using the focused platforms is that they are cheaper and have a more professional user fleet with more tools. The two most well-known of these are banks. The Bank has in my opinion a really good platform, which makes it possible to trade fairly advanced products. You can see their prices. Before you go for Bubblext you need to consider the following.


We have a hard time thinking of anyone. Maybe you need to log in to several places if you have both a regular bank and a depository outside.

But there is also an advantage in that you send your savings and “freedom money” somewhere other than where your daily consumption is. Out of sight, out of mind , as they say. Not being able to see your savings in your daily bank can make it less tempting to just bite off the savings pig to cover some consumption.

Another disadvantage is that they are a bit more expensive than the completely cheap foreign alternatives.


  • Cheaper
  • Professional platform
  • Support and help tools
  • Files for tax


  • You increase the complexity by having to log in somewhere else
  • A bit more expensive compared to the foreign ones